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We never really know!

The impact we have on others.

Yesterday I spent the morning with two men who had been coaching clients of mine over fourteen years ago and both of them without prompting said “I am where I am today because of the work I did with you all those years ago. Very affirming and this has reconnected me to why I do this kind of work. This reminds me of just how important the relationships we develop through coaching,are for everyone involved.

I love the saying, ” Everyone we meet we leave a trace” and the more impact and meaning that trace is, the more likely transformation will occur for everyone in that meeting.

Sometimes I know without a shadow of doubt that I have enabled a transformation to occur, there and then in the moment, sometimes the transformation emerges over time. I don’t think it really matters which, but if my ego gets in the way and I want to see the transformation, I may in fact stop its occurrence, because I am too involved.

The more I can step back and allow information and insights to percolate, the more likely deep change can happen. We live in a world wherein people seem always to be in a rush, take your time and enjoy the journey through the ever changing landscape. Don’t push the boat upstream!

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