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Developing Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

We are living in uncertain times, when there is little that we can we can truly rely on in the outside environment, politicians changing their mind, constantly being told that we are going to be poor. that the population explosion will mean we need to build a colony in outer space.

One of the things I have realised is that when times are uncertain, the only thing I can truly rely on is my inner strength, my inner wisdom to see me through.

I have developed resilience, through the many little ups and downs that the universe chooses to send my way. Often at the time feeling that life was unfair and finding it really hard to accept that I could get through just another painful event.

What is resilience? In my view it is the ability to deal with difficulties in a positive way, it is the internal wisdom to just ride out the storm with certain belief that nothing lasts forever and a calm sea will once again come to pass.

Those first moments a heart jumping out of my chest, when I realise that something is not going quite how I expected, to that internal sense of power that this is something I can overcome is in some ways quite exhilarating.

The ups and downs of life are the temperature check by which we know we are alive, when we are down, we are likely to have an equally powerful up, when life is full of certainly is it likely to become dull.

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