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30 minutes to change your life!!

Can you really change someone’s life in 30 minutes? I believe you can – often in less time. A few words, an insightful comment, acknowledgement or question may be all it takes to effect positive change. One proven way to change people’s lives is through good coaching. A focused, professional coaching conversation can be very […]

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When is advice not advice?

Following a discussion with a recent group on  “giving advice”, I delved deeper into what I mean by saying that giving advice is a useless pastime. Just take a moment now to think of the amount of advice you have been given in your life and how often you have followed that advice to the […]

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Developing Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

We are living in uncertain times, when there is little that we can we can truly rely on in the outside environment, politicians changing their mind, constantly being told that we are going to be poor. that the population explosion will mean we need to build a colony in outer space. One of the things […]

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